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The Music Hall Society

will bring back all things traditional, with performances of songs and sketches dating from pre-1945.

Music Hall has resisted the pressure of the electronic age but alas, we have had to succumb in order to keep you informed of what's happening! We hope you enjoy the website and take the opportunity to book your tickets and generally find out what's going on within our Society.

Music Hall is indeed alive and kicking in Cambridgeshire! Our shows are a mix of celebration and music, songs and sketches from 1850 to 1945. A collection of enjoyable entertainment by all the cast with an array of individual performances for you all to enjoy.

As Chairman of the Music Hall Society, I am pleased and proud to be part of this long-standing tradition. After many years performing at the Commemoration Hall in Huntingdon, we moved our autumn 2017 production to Papworth Village Hall. This has broken with tradition but  the new venue is larger, has disabled access, free parking, a great stage set-up and provided a great location to showcase last year's show.

Good old Music Hall - hurrah!

Tim Egan


Music Hall Society

We had great fun performing our main Annual Concerts at Papworth Village Hall last October.  Our audiences appreciated all the hard work and told us how much they enjoyed the performances.  (See the feedback below)

Please make a note in your diaries: Our main show dates this year are on 24th, 25th and 26th October. This includes the Charity night on 24th October, raising money for the Red Cross.

Tickets are now on sale for our main show dates in October.  Please visit our Buy Tickets page to order yours today!

But before then, we will continue to entertain various groups throughout Cambridgeshire. If you would like to know more, please visit our Contact Us page.
We look forward to meeting you all again soon.

Just to say a big thank you for a splendid evening last night and congratulations on producing such an entertaining event. We were a table of 8 from Graveley, the first time for 6 of us, but our hosts had been to the performance last year and asked us to join them. Everything was very professional - very well done to the entire company.

2018 pre-show pictures

Our hard working front of house, waitressing team and performers pause before getting ready for one of our annual performances

about us

The Music Hall has existed for the past 47 years.
It was felt, by the founder and ex-president, Mr Eric Wain, that the origins of the society might be of interest to future Presidents and newer members.
This potted history gives an outline of the formation of the Society.
It is fitting, at this point, to pay tribute to all the members who over the years have contributed their talents to make the Society professional, enjoyable and so successful.
In 1969 the St Neots Round Table asked Eric Wain to put on a show, in order to raise funds for their respective charities. With the co-operation of family and light operatic friends, an evening of Old Time Music Hall was produced at Buckden Towers, Buckden. The same show was also put on in 1970 at the St Neots Youth Centre, for the Rotary Club of St Neots, in aid of their charities.
Following the success of these shows, it was decided to form a Music Hall Society with the expressed object of producing an Annual Show. An inaugural meeting was convened and the Society was formed with Eric Wain being elected as Chairman. Mr Roy Hudd was approached and agreed to be the Society’s first President.
Along with the other performances, the 1971 production was the first from the Commemoration Hall, Huntingdon, which was the permanent home of the Society until 2016.
It was attended by Mr Edward Taylor, on behalf of Roy Hudd, who was otherwise engaged.
In 1976 Edward Taylor was invited to become the second President and duly accepted. Edward resigned in 1981 due to health reasons, after attending every show from 1971 to 1981.
In 1977 following retirement from business, Eric Wain resigned as Chairman, Reg Highet then being elected to the post. On the resignation of Edward Taylor in 1981, Eric Wain was invited to be the new President and duly accepted. Eric Wain remained as President until 1984 when he was forced to resign for health reasons. In 1985 the Society invited Ruth Madoc to be the President, and were delighted when she accepted. She attended eight performances, whilst President, as and when her work commitments allowed.
Everyone was shocked at the loss of our Founder, Eric Wain in 1996. The Society purchased a candelabra in his memory, and it resides on the 'Chairman’s Box’ at the shows.
Over the 47 years the show has been produced by only ten producers, and there have been many casts, but more importantly, the audiences have totalled over 22,000 people, who have enjoyed Music Hall. Many still attend our shows.
The Commemoration Hall in Huntingdon is being refurbished, so the new show for 2017, was held in a new venue -  Papworth Village Hall.
Good Old Music Hall!


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